We did the route over three days and it worked out well.

Day one saw us leave Knighton at around 11am, and we got into Rhayader at about 5pm. This was going at an enjoyable pace, with plenty of food and banter stops.

Total for the day: 52km and 1100m of climbing.


Day two saw us leave Rhayader at 9.45am ish, and crawl into Llangurig at around 5.30pm. Again, an easy pace.

Total for the day: 76km and 1600m of climbing.


Day three say us leave Llangurig at 9.30 am and reach dovey junction at approx 3pm. Again, relaxed.

Total for the day: 55km and 1100m of climbing.


Trip total: 183km and 3800m of climbing.

It’s subjective,